Stand Alone Novel
By: Lilah Rivers

A Most Wonderful Arrangement: An Inspirational Romance

Lilah Rivers

Becky Miller has the perfect family, until tragedy strikes. When her parents die in a stagecoach accident, she is suddenly expected to take care of her brothers and sister. But Becky, except for standing on her own, now has to convince people around town she’s ready to raise three children by herself. Fortunately for all of them, a handsome young musician comes along and offers to help, but she’s not sure about taking handouts.

Will this new but promising acquaintance prove to be of help or will her family eventually be forced to split between three homes?

Luke White left home as a young man after his mother died and decided to become a traveling musician, despite his father’s disdain for the art. After some years of being away from home, he moves back to town and starts working at his father’s bank. What he would never have expected to find there though, is the most captivating adventure of all, a young woman who has experienced loss as well and is in need of support.

Will this woman he finds himself falling for be enough to keep his free spirit in town?

As they grow feelings for one another, they also need to face the limitations set by everyone around them. Becky has to choose between a past acquaintance that will bring a secure future for her siblings and Luke. Luke, on the other hand, needs to choose between love and his father, who is opposed to this union. Will they choose love over security? Will their union be able to save more than one family in need?


“A Most Wonderful Arrangement” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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