Stand Alone Novel
Book 4
By: Rose Hart

A Rock N’roll Kind of Love (novella)

Rose Hart
 He’s a billionaire with a stalker problem.

Ryan Sullivan is a music star. His Christian music has inspired and comforted people around the world. Despite his success, Ryan has a dilemma. He has a stalker. Someone lurking in the shadows. Every girlfriend he’s had for the last several years, has either been stalked or something has happened to her. Ryan doesn’t want that to happen to Liz.

Liz has always known she wanted to write music. When the chance to write a song for Ryan Sullivan comes up, Liz jumps at the chance. But as the two become closer, darkness swirls. Soon mysterious threatening notes are found, and her tires are slashed. As the danger mounts, Ryan and Liz must uncover the identify of the stalker before one of them winds up dead.

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