Stand Alone Novel
Book 6
By: Emily Josephine

Betting On A Christmas Kiss: A Sweet Holiday Romance Novel

Emily Josephine
 Becky Dennis has two main goals in life. The first is to find a fulfilling job. The second? To stay away from men for the rest of her life.

Hurt badly by her last boyfriend, Becky wishes the best for her five older sisters who have found their soul mates, but she herself is convinced she’ll be much happier if she gives up on romance altogether and finds a way to live a fulfilling single life.

When Vance Wilder comes on board at the small clinic where she’s a receptionist, she at first doesn’t give him a second glance. However, about a month into his career as an pediatric occupational therapist, she ends up being the hero of the day when she helps him with one of his most challenging patient. The two grow gradually closer, somehow ending up spending more time together, but Vance’s abysmal track record with women keeps him from hoping for anything more than a friendship with Becky. In the meantime, she begins to struggle with burgeoning feelings for Vance that go beyond friendship.

She needs to learn to let go of the past, and deal with her anger and bitterness, before she can see the way clearly. But even if she does, there’s a tiny secret that she doesn’t know.

Her ex-boyfriend bet Vance that Vance wouldn’t be able to get Becky to kiss him before Christmas.

And though Vance didn’t agree, he’s determined to keep Becky at arm’s length – literally – just in case.
The problem is, sometimes no matter how hard you try, your best efforts end up turning into a disaster.

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Assuming she's still alive when you read this, Emily Josephine lives somewhere on Planet Earth with a couple of people she refers to as "family" when she's in a good mood, writing stories with characters who lead much more interesting lives than she does, with an eye toward entertaining readers as well as encouraging them to grow into the person God created them to be, and in so doing endeavoring to kick the habit of writing run-on sentences; however, she sometimes waxes Charles Dickens-ish and is at such times unable to help herself - and speaking of famous people, if you look for "Emily Josephine" on any social media site or on YouTube, you will find more than one person going by that gorgeous name, but it will not be THE Emily Josephine, the author about whom you are now reading, because Emily Josephine The Author is severely and deathly allergic to both social media and YouTube, and if anyone tries to assert the proposition that such an allergy is an absolute and certain impossibility, she will stoutly deny their denial, "stout" being an absolute and certain absurdity in this context as there has never been anything stout about Emily except for the blessedly brief period of her life when she was pregnant and a mommy to a newborn baby.


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