Stand Alone Novel
Book 4
By: Wendy May Andrews

Distracting the Heir: A Proper Regency Romance Adventure

 Distraction is a luxury he’s never been able to afford. Until now…

Constance Moreland can’t fathom anything more boring than a traditional marriage. So, she’s perfectly happy living a wealthy spinster’s life, traveling and having adventures. But when her paid companion longs for home, Connie agrees to attend a Society house party with her. She assumed those in attendance would be of little interest. Then he arrived and she realized just how wrong she’d been…

Florent Alcott is long overdue for some adventure. Years of struggling to right his family’s fortune and provide for his siblings have left him feeling older than his actual age. So, he readily accepts an invitation to his neighbor’s party, hoping for something exciting to happen. He just never expected that excitement to come in the form of the lovely and endlessly fascinating Connie…

But when an unexpected enemy arrives, can an impractical lady and an ever-practical gentleman thwart the villain in time to claim their happily ever after? Or will their time together be nothing but a pleasant—and fleeting—distraction?

Distracting the Heir is a sweet and clean standalone Regency romance with perfect chemistry, memorable characters, a hint of intrigue, and a satisfying happy ending.

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I’ve been writing pretty much since I learned to read when I was five years old. Of course, those early efforts were basically only something a mother could love :-) I put writing aside after I left school and stuck with reading. I am an avid reader. I love words. I will read anything, even the cereal box, signs, posters, etc. But my true love is novels.

Almost ten years ago my husband dared me to write a book instead of always reading them. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, but to my surprise I love writing. Those early efforts eventually became my first published book – Tempting the Earl (published by Avalon books in 2010). There were some ups and downs in my publishing efforts. My first publisher was sold and I became an “orphan” author, back to the drawing board of trying to find a publishing house. It has been a thrilling adventure as I learned to navigate the world of publishing.

I believe firmly that everyone deserves a happily ever after. I want my readers to be able to escape from the everyday for a little while and feel upbeat and refreshed when they get to the end of my books.

When not reading or writing, I can be found traipsing around my neighborhood admiring the dogs and greenery or travelling the world with my favorite companion.


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