Book 2
By: Sarah K. L. Wilson

Dragon School: Episodes 6-10


This omnibus edition contains episodes 6-10 of the popular novella series:
Dragon School: Dusk Covenant Evil lurks everywhere. And it wants to destroy Amel and Everything she loves.
Dragon School: First Message Truth lies beneath the surface.
Dragon School: Warring Promises Promises are great – until you have to choose which ones to honor.
Dragon School: Prince of Dragons Will the last light fade from the Dominion?
Dragon School: Dark Night It’s always blackest before the dawn.

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I write timeless stories. Not the stories you think you want but the stories you don't know you desperately need.

I believe in happy endings and that it should take a lot of struggle to get to them.

I believe that sometimes violence is the answer, that sometimes no one is coming to save you, and that self-sacrifice is always worth it.

I believe in big twists and beginnings that start in the end.

I believe in heroic acts of bravery, that chaos sometimes trumps order, that there's humor in dark things, and that risks are what you make of them.

I believe in the someday that will make all things new.

And I believe in stories - sweeping, epic, glorious stories that renew our hearts and our hopes and refresh our minds like woodland streams.

Oh, and I'm a USA Today bestselling author. I suppose I should mention that.


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