Stand Alone Novel
By: Evie Sterling

Fake Dating My Billionaire Boss

Evie Sterling
 My new boss is a total grump. I’m stuck living with him for the summer.

Damian Knight is a reclusive billionaire who won’t even open the doors of his mansion to a cleaning staff, let alone guests. He’s not happy to have to put up with a starving artist—me—in his guest suite. And it doesn’t help that my dog has a taste for his thousand dollar loafers…

When he asks me to pretend to be his girlfriend, things get tricky. For a cold grouch, his kisses are as warm as sunshine. How’s a girl supposed to focus on painting while staring into those dark, smoldering eyes?

The right answer is to remember it’s all fake.

But I never was a good student. I have a bad habit of going for the wrong answers.

Damian’s not going to be happy when he learns the secret I’m keeping from him. My fingers are crossed that by the time he figures out what I’m up to, I’ll be long gone…

Then again, I might be too far gone already.

Fake Dating my Billionaire Boss is a laugh-out-loud enemies-to-lovers clean and sweet romance featuring a heroine who’s all sunshine, a hero who’s all frowny-face, and their happily ever after. Plus, an adorable and scruffy dog named Bo who adores any human who walks him or rubs his belly…grumpy men included.

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Through her fiction works, Evie Sterling seeks to provide readers with an escape into a world of genuine emotions and heartfelt experiences. Evie hopes to connect with readers who share her passion of clean romance and those who seek to be moved by stories that touch heart and soul.


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