Stand Alone Novel
Book 2
By: Emma St. Clair

Falling for Your Boss: a Sweet Romantic Comedy

Emma St. Clair
 I am not that woman. The one who falls for her much older, extremely handsome, and totally unavailable boss.

That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

I’ve watched the other women in the office fawn over Gavin, who just so happens to be one of Texas’ richest and most desirable bachelors.

But I’m interested in business. Totally professional.

Which is why Gavin has helped me so much in my career … right? Not because he’s attracted to me.

But when his past slams into his present, the lines between business and personal suddenly become very hazy.

Now all my carefully crafted plans are totally destroyed, and I have to decide what I want most: my career or the man who has helped me build it …

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Emma St. Clair is a USA Today Bestselling Author who loves sassy heroines, witty banter, and love stories with heart and humor. She lives in Katy, Texas with her hubby, five children, and Great Dane. Her favorite place to write is tapping on her phone while on the elliptical machine. No Emmas have been hurt in the writing of these novels. (Yet.)


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