Book 6
By: Sarah K. L. Wilson

Flight of Runes: Phoenix Heart: Episode 6

 When a phoenix has your heart, hope burns bright.

Caught in the middle of a coup attempt, a vicious war on phoenixes, and a curse brought down on them by an ancient octopus religion, Sersha and Kazmerev must dig deep to find ways to save their friends and their world. But when they are pushed to the very limits both physically and in their friendship, will they have what it takes to keep on fighting for hope, or will they fall into despair?


Note to readers: This is a novella serial with episodes that take approximately three hours to read. Each episode is like a favorite tv show, ending at an exciting point, and picking up again with the next episode. Younger readers and those pressed for time are perfect for this format. Enjoy!

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I write timeless stories. Not the stories you think you want but the stories you don't know you desperately need.

I believe in happy endings and that it should take a lot of struggle to get to them.

I believe that sometimes violence is the answer, that sometimes no one is coming to save you, and that self-sacrifice is always worth it.

I believe in big twists and beginnings that start in the end.

I believe in heroic acts of bravery, that chaos sometimes trumps order, that there's humor in dark things, and that risks are what you make of them.

I believe in the someday that will make all things new.

And I believe in stories - sweeping, epic, glorious stories that renew our hearts and our hopes and refresh our minds like woodland streams.

Oh, and I'm a USA Today bestselling author. I suppose I should mention that.


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