Stand Alone Novel
Book 7
By: Jo Grafford

Guardian Hero: Hometown Heroes A-Z

Jo Grafford
 BORN IN TEXAS   Book Seven

A runaway bride from the big city, the small-town cop who heads up her search party, and the snowstorm that strands him in the woods where she was last seen…

When Emmitt McCarty receives the missing persons report, he immediately recognizes the woman in the photo as the last speeder he pulled over — a distraught city slicker he ultimately gives a warning instead of a ticket. That’s how he knows her fiancé’s claim that she’s been abducted is a load of bull. Sure, he’ll locate her if she’s in his town, but he won’t be notifying anyone of her whereabouts until he gets to the bottom of why she fled her wedding in the first place.

Jen Greathouse is the face of Greathouse Coffee, Inc., a booming business that’s been in her family for generations. Someday it will belong to her. Unless the shell corporation, that’s been steadily gobbling up their company stock for weeks, manages to gain the majority share… Realizing it’ll take her stock to make that happen, she is suddenly afraid her whirlwind romance to the hottest bachelor attorney in Dallas might be too good to be true.

For the first time in her life, Jen doesn’t know who she can trust, which in no way explains her longing to pour out her troubles to the cowboy cop who pulls her over for speeding.

★ BORN IN TEXAS is a series of faith-filled romantic suspense stories about small town, everyday heroes. WARNING: Lots of heart, plenty of humor, and always a happily-ever-after!

The whole alphabet is coming!
A – Accidental Hero
B – Best Friend Hero
C – Celebrity Hero
D – Damaged Hero
E – Enemies to Hero
F – Forbidden Hero
G – Guardian Hero

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Jo is an Amazon bestselling author who writes sweet and inspirational romance stories full of faith, hope, love, and family drama with a few Texas-sized detours into comedy.

Jo also writes sweet and inspirational historical romance as Jovie Grace.


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