Stand Alone Novel
By: Lilah Rivers

Hearts Caught in the Moment: An Inspirational Romance

Lilah Rivers

It was Christmas of 1864 when Annabelle Grey’s father was told the bad news. He would not be able to continue doing drives for his stagecoach delivery and transport business due to a debilitating disease. Blessed with two daughters and no sons, his business was destined to fail… However, Belle is determined to show her father she is just as capable of taking over the business as any man in their hometown of Greentree, Montana. The only thing standing between her and success is her business rival and his son, who see her as a weak woman, not fit for the job.

Is the charming man who keeps her away from a blooming business really that terrible?

Mike Storey, Annabelle’s competitor, has been working in his greedy father’s business for most of his life, and even though they have known each other since school, Belle has always kept her distance. Mike, on the other hand, saw through Belle right away and longed to get to know her better. He kept his secret infatuation with her to himself up until the moment Belle showed up asking for his help. But how will he make her trust her greatest enemy?

Could he finally reveal to her just how much he cares for her and always has?

Business is booming but the budding relationship between Mike and Belle begins to cause problems. Mike’s father is against any involvement with her other than threats and intimidation and Belle needs to decide whether she can bear that cross for the man she loves. Mike questions whether he is the kind of son who could venture out on his own if his love for a woman disrupts his family at home. When his life is threatened and their futures hang in the balance, will the outcome be in their favor?

“Hearts Caught in the Moment” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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