Book One
Book 1
By: Ashtyn Newbold

Her Silent Knight: A Christmas Regency Romance

Ashtyn Newbold

When Sir Edmund catches Miss Selina in a forbidden courtship at the frost fair, she asks for his silence. But he has a request to make in exchange, and it may cost Selina her carefully guarded heart.For Selina Ellis, a crowded fair held on the frozen surface of the Thames is the perfect opportunity to meet with her secret suitor—the son of her family’s solicitor—without being caught. But when an acquaintance from her childhood, Sir Edmund, discovers their courtship, a bargain is struck. In order for Edmund to keep her secret, she must convince her mother to allow him to stay in their home for Christmastide, where he will be close enough to keep watch on her and her secret suitor…a man of whom he strongly disapproves.

Though he hadn’t planned on staying in London longer than his grandmother’s funeral, Sir Edmund cannot leave an innocent young woman like Selina in the grip of a man as manipulative as Mr. Skinner. Loyal to his new purpose, he sets out to thwart Selina’s efforts to marry Skinner, unleashing a rivalry between himself and Selina. When she matches his subterfuge with ease, and Skinner threatens to destroy all he has, Edmund must take a new approach—one with more risks than it’s worth.

As Selina’s feelings for Edmund shift from enmity to friendship, her uncertainty grows. She must choose whether love is worth sacrificing her pride. And Edmund must choose whether the price of his silence is worth losing his heart.

A full-length sweet regency romance novel of approximately 50,000 words. Her Silent Knight is the first book in the clean and sweet Regency romance Belles of Christmas: Frost Fair series.

Although this is a stand-alone novel, the books are best enjoyed when read in order.

Five Christmas romances and the Frost Fair that started them all.

Book 1: Her Silent Knight by Ashtyn Newbold
Book 2: All is Mary and Bright by Kasey Stockton
Book 3: Thawing the Viscount’s Heart by Mindy Burbidge Strunk
Book 4: On the Second Day of Christmas by Deborah M. Hathaway
Book 5: The Christmas Foundling by Martha Keyes

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Ashtyn Newbold grew up with a love of stories. When she discovered Jane Austen books as a teen, she learned she was a sucker for romantic ones. Her first novel was published shortly after high school and she never looked back. When not indulging in sweet romantic comedies and regency period novels (and cookies), she writes romantic stories of her own. Ashtyn also dearly loves to laugh, bake, sing, and do anything that involves creativity and imagination.


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