Book 4
By: Kimberly A. Rogers

Hunt by Numbers

  I thought we were safe. Until I started hunting for answers to my past.

Just when it seemed like Mathias and I had slipped the noose set by Weard Enterprises, we are pulled back in. The things I don’t know about my parents and myself haunt me. But when I start searching for answers, I discover my past is much more complicated than I ever suspected.

Our journey to Italy turns from a reprieve to a new challenge. I might have the most dangerous man alive on my side but when my hunt for answers leads us into the circles of the most powerful paranormals in Rome, we might be in over our heads. Avoiding Weard’s hunters becomes far less challenging than the political games played by dragon princes and other Fae. This hunt could change everything I know but first Mathias needs to survive the Colosseum.

Hunt by Numbers is a fast-paced Supernatural Thriller with clean romance and humor set in an urban fantasy world. A gentle but strong heroine and her protective alpha hero have sealed their fated mates bond but now it’s time for a new quest. Secrets from the past need to be uncovered.

The Rogue Spotter universe contains the following series: Rogue Spotter and The Fae Billionaires. These series may be read independently of each other but come together to form a larger and expanding world.

Rogue Spotter Series:
#1 – Threats by Numbers
#2 – Flight by Numbers
#3 – Trials by Numbers
#4 – Hunt by Numbers
#5 – Quests by Numbers
#6 – Fight by Numbers

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Kimberly A. Rogers has never stopped enjoying an over-active imagination originally fueled by fantasy classics such as the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. With a steady supply of fairytales, mythology, and the folklore revolving around famous cryptids such as the Beast of Bray Road, she is well-prepared to spend her days writing various fantasy series ranging from urban fantasies to romantic fairytale retellings. On the rare occasion she’s not playing in a fantasy world, you can find her dabbling in science fiction.


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