Book 3
By: Amy Martinsen

Loose Ends: A Clean Romantic Suspense

Amy Martinsen

Who killed Nahla?
This question haunts CIA Officer Kate Ross.
Even after collecting a box full of evidence in a secret, obsessive manhunt, Kate isn’t able to discover who killed the most valuable agent she’s ever handled.
When the box goes missing, Kate must go against all her spy training to find Nahla’s killer, propelling John and the U-Tap team on a harrowing race against time.
Will Kate find the killer, or will she suffer the same fate as Nahla?

Loose Ends is the gripping third book in Amy Martinsen’s romantic suspense series, An Untapped Source. If you like undeniable chemistry, page-turning tension, and Christian values in action, then you’ll love this thrilling third installment.

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Amy loves to read. One of her earliest memories is hiding between bales of hay to read just one more chapter instead of doing her chores. When her mother discovered this hiding place, Amy learned to climb trees and became very good at balancing on a branch while holding a book. She also developed extremely strong leg muscles.

Amy still hides to read but in much less dangerous places, like her closet and the laundry room...though she longs for the leg muscles of her youth. She also makes it her goal to write faith-filled stories so engaging people will hide to read them. Perhaps even in a tree.


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