Stand Alone Novel
Book 5
By: Ashtyn Newbold

Lord Blackwell’s Promise: A Regency Romance

Ashtyn Newbold
 Until death do they part...

Margaret Lovell tries her best to love everyone. But when it comes to Lord Blackwell, she doesn’t care to succeed. After the young Earl of Blackwell accused her father of cheating and tricked him out of his fortune, she has despised him for causing their disgrace and lack of security. So when she learns that Lord Blackwell is on his deathbed, she cannot help but feel a lack of sympathy. With her family’s financial situation worsening, she doesn’t have time to think of anything else, especially the man who caused it.

Peter Trafford, Earl of Blackwell, has never had reason to evaluate his life before now. But with certain death looming before him, he is awakened to a sense of his guilt. When struck with this strange desperation to repair his misdeeds, he writes a letter to Margaret Lovell, the daughter of the man whose reputation he singlehandedly destroyed. In the letter, he offers to marry her. He offers Margaret and her family a life of wealth and comfort—and promises that he will die shortly after their wedding.

But promises, fickle as they are, have a way of breaking.

Lord Blackwell’s Promise is a sweet and clean regency romance novel, book five in the Larkhall Letters series. Each book stands alone, but are best enjoyed when read in the order below.

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Book 1: The Ace of Hearts
Book 2: The Captain’s Confidant
Book 3: With Love, Louisa
Book 4: The Matchmaker’s Request
Book 5: Lord Blackwell’s Promise

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Ashtyn Newbold grew up with a love of stories. When she discovered Jane Austen books as a teen, she learned she was a sucker for romantic ones. Her first novel was published shortly after high school and she never looked back. When not indulging in sweet romantic comedies and regency period novels (and cookies), she writes romantic stories of her own. Ashtyn also dearly loves to laugh, bake, sing, and do anything that involves creativity and imagination.


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