Stand Alone Novel
Book 2
By: Charlotte Fitzwilliam

Lords, Love, and Secrets


Lord Barrington has a secret as to why he has disappeared from Miss Worthy’s life. Can Lady Angelica Landerbelt discover the truth?

Miss Elizabeth Worthy has never been able to forget Lord Barrington, who promised her his love and then disappeared without explanation. Reluctantly, she is in London for the Season, with her mother enlisting Lady Angelica Landerbelt to help find Elizabeth a suitable match.

Lord Peter Barrington has been forced to return to London, tormented by the guilt and shame of what he has done and determined to try and make amends. Little does he expect that, when he goes to speak to one Lady Landerbelt, he would stumble upon Elizabeth Worthy, the only lady he has ever loved!

The truth is forced out and Elizabeth must decide whether or not she will help Lord Barrington to set things to rights. Will she be able to protect her own heart? Or can she set aside her pain and forget the past so that their future has a chance of happiness?

This is BOOK TWO in the series entitled, “A Lady Angelica Landerbelt Mystery.”

If you love Regency, inspirational-romance stories that are clean and wholesome and often include dukes, earls, barons, marquesses, lords and ladies, you will enjoy this book.

*This is a historical Regency romance novel of around 30,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

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Charlotte Fitzwilliam was raised in Manchester, England and graduated from University in London with a Masters of English, which focused on 18th Century and Romantic Studies. Her passion since young adulthood was reading and writing romantic regency stories.

Charlotte feels like she is living a dream life as she often brings coffee or tea to the country side. She sits beneath a tree with her laptop to dream and write about proud dukes and ladies in long dresses falling in love.


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