Stand Alone Novel
Book 4
By: Charlotte Dearing

Mail Order Hope

 Magnolia, Texas, 1880's - Lucas Bentley needs a wife.

Not because he’s lonely. Not because he’s in love. If he gets married, in the next two months, he can lay claim to a thousand acres of prime, Texas ranch land.

With no prospects in sight, he decides to pursue the third O’Brian sister in Boston. So far, she has refused to return his letters, ignored him, and some might say, insulted him. But none of that matters now.

He sets off to Boston, planning to court the impossible girl for as long as it takes. Just so it takes less than two days. Then he’ll bring his bride back to Texas where he’ll explain everything.

A perfect plan, if he says so himself.

Hope O’Brien has the perfect plan.

Hope yearns to visit her sisters in Texas. They each married a man named Bentley, brothers who might not be as terrible as she’d feared. Their youngest brother, however, is a different matter.

There’s no way she can visit her sisters while Lucas is unwed. Lucas Bentley is arrogant, not to mention bossy. Based on his letters, she fears he might also be dangerously unhinged. He has written, telling her she needs to come to Texas to get away from her pitiful, spinster life in Boston.

This man, whom she’s never met, both offends and troubles her. She’ll keep her distance, thank you very much. She resolves to wait to visit her sisters until Lucas marries some poor, hapless girl, one who doesn’t mind taking orders from an uncouth cowboy.

Until then, she’ll continue her tidy, well-ordered life, tending the bookstore in Boston…

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Charlotte Dearing is a retired school teacher and recent empty-nester. An avid reader of historical romance, she writes what she likes to read – sweet, clean stories set in the Old West. Charlotte lives with her husband of twenty-nine years amidst the rugged ranch land of Central Texas.


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