Book 3
By: Jessie Gussman

Me and the Helpful Hurricane

Jessie Gussman


It took me a while – most of my life, in fact – to decide that my hometown of Good Grief, Idaho is the best place in the world to live. But, I have and I love it…except for one thing.

My boss.

Okay, so the man is good at his job, we just have a tendency to disagree on how much activity the seniors at our assisted living center want to have.

I, personally, think they’d love to go on a whitewater rafting trip.

The Boss nixed that idea before my words landed in the space between his ears. He sees my mouth moving and just says “no.” (I think he grew up in the olden days and took Nancy Reagan’s slogan to heart.)

And just for the record my boss is smart (very smart!) and handsome and funny and totally NOT my type.

But, we need to convince seniors that retiring in Good Grief, Idaho is a great idea, and I have plans that will make that happen, if I can only get my boss to go along with them.

With that in mind, I’m embarking on a new mission remembering that honey catches more flies than vinegar AND honey tends to make an already bad relationship even more awkward when worn topically over two human bodies that happen to be tied together…that one is going down as an experience I’d rather not have shared with my boss.


What can I say?

She’s a hurricane.

Also, I think we might have broken some kind of workplace harassment rules when, after being tied up and slathered with honey, I kissed her.

But a man can only take so much.

I guess it says something about the kiss when I have to admit, I bought another gallon of honey and borrowed my brother’s handcuffs – all (mostly) in the name of saving Good Grief’s senior living center.

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USA Today best-selling author Jessie Gussman writes sweet and inspirational romance from her farm in central Virginia. Having attended, but never graduating from the school of hard knocks, Jessie uses real life on the farm to inspire her cowboy, rural and blue-collar fiction.

When she’s not chasing kids, cows and the occasional roll-away haybale, Jessie enjoys wading in Naked Creek and not cleaning her house. Most of the time her main goal is to keep from catching herself on fire…again.

If you enjoy fun stories with vivid characters showcasing strong families with a ribbon of faith tying everything together, you might enjoy Jessie’s books.


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