Book One
Book 8
By: Brittany Fichter

Neverland Falling: A Retelling of Peter Pan: Part I

 Neverland is dying. And it's all Wendy's fault.

Wendy’s parents have finally chosen her prospective husband, and her world is falling apart. So when the mysterious, handsome Peter invites Wendy and her little brothers to run away to a place called Neverland, she accepts.

At first, Neverland is more wonderful than anything Wendy could have imagined. So are the variety of interesting characters who live there, from the Lost Boys to the mermaids to the fae to the misunderstood privateer, Captain Jay. But as time rolls on, Wendy realizes that growing up might not be so bad…if she had the right person to do it with.

The only problem is that in Neverland, growing up is forbidden. And the farther she gets from childhood, the more she endangers them all. Unfortunately, when the fae decide she’s gone too far, both Peter and Wendy must decide where their love and loyalty lie and how far they’re willing to chase it.

For if they’re not careful, Neverland and everyone in it will fall.

Neverland Falling is the first in the Neverland Duology, which takes place in the world of The Classical Kingdoms Collection, and is followed by Breaking Neverland. While the story is part of the shared world, the duology can be read on its own. Pick up Neverland Falling today for clean, passionate, childhood sweethearts romance, magical mystery, and heroic happily ever afters.

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Brittany lives with her Prince Charming, their little fairy, and their tiny prince in a decently clean castle in whatever kingdom the Air Force has most recently placed them. When she's not writing, Brittany can be found with her family (including their spoiled black Labrador), doing chores (she'd rather be writing), going to church, belting Disney songs, exercising, or decorating cakes. You can find more of her work at her website


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