Book 7
By: Aurora Darklight

not true: Annika’s Duet Book 1


No dating. No falling in love. And certainly, no telling anyone my real name.

These rules are for my own protection, but that doesn’t stop me from longing to take my place within my family. My saving graces are my two best friends Temperance and Sam, and Temperance has even more problems than I do.

When she needs my help, I jump at the chance for a little bit of adventure. All I need to do is pretend to be someone else while I take a few pictures and lay low.

That works well until Lotario walks up to my table. Now I’m fighting not to fall in love with a completely handsome and sweet, yet inappropriate man.

Men and women can be just friends, right? It’s not like we get to see each other all the time. Buthe’s becoming less and less understanding that my ‘fake’ career makes a relationship impossible. He wants more. And my flimsy excuse will only hold a determined Italian man off for so long.

How do I stay ‘just friends’ with a man that wants more?

This clean duet is a slow burn romance, but Annika will get her happily ever after … eventually.

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