Stand Alone Novel
Book 3
By: Kimberly A. Rogers

Of Heat & Springs

 A Daughter of Zeus. A Loyal Servant. A Love Daring to Rebel.

Athena, daughter of Zeus, is the ultimate strategist. Her mind is her greatest strength in surviving the Storm King’s court. And she proves it by being her father’s most loyal child. Until the day she fails a mission.

Desperate to regain her place, Athena obeys Zeus’ command to bring a recalcitrant weapon smith to heel. Hephaestus of the fire elementals is the greatest weapon smith known to elementals and he is infuriating. Athena’s strength lies in her mind but crossing a water elemental risks drowning. When Hephaestus challenges her loyalty to the Storm King, she thinks she can handle any scheme.

A smith with a magnificent mind is not what she expected. But when they are both accused of disloyalty, Athena faces the most challenging choice of her life. Stay loyal to the father she cannot trust. Or, rely on an unexpected bond and rebel.

A romantic fantasy inspired by the classic myths of Athena and Hephaestus

Return to the world of Sonera and the land of Unseelie, dragons, and elementals where sweeping romantic fantasies reimagine familiar Greek myths into happily ever after for the Children of Zeus.

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Kimberly A. Rogers has never stopped enjoying an over-active imagination originally fueled by fantasy classics such as the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. With a steady supply of fairytales, mythology, and the folklore revolving around famous cryptids such as the Beast of Bray Road, she is well-prepared to spend her days writing various fantasy series ranging from urban fantasies to romantic fairytale retellings. On the rare occasion she’s not playing in a fantasy world, you can find her dabbling in science fiction.


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