Stand Alone Novel
Book 2
By: Cece Louise

Perfect After All: A Sweet Romantic Comedy

Cece Louise
 I would do anything for my best friend's sister—except tell her how I really feel.


I’ve been secretly in love with my best friend’s younger sister for years. And does she have a clue? Nope.

Maybe I would’ve made a move if she ever hinted she felt anything for me besides platonic friendship. But she hasn’t. And in addition to being smart, funny, and beautiful, she’s another thing—loyal to her on-again off-again jerk-extraordinaire boyfriend.

Only this time when they break up, things seem different. Do I risk our friendship by telling her how I feel, or is this one secret best kept?


When my boyfriend of eight years dumps me for another woman, my take-charge coworker convinces me it’s time for me to get back out there.

But searching for the perfect man in the online dating world is no picnic. Especially when I have no clue who I am or what I want.

And most confusing of all? Circumstances keep throwing me together with my brother’s longtime best friend, and suddenly, I’m feeling things for him I have no business feeling. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, we also work together—a recipe for disaster.

But what if the perfect guy is the one who’s been there all along?

A friends-to-lovers sweet romantic comedy featuring a he-falls-first workplace romance with laugh-out-loud moments and swoony kisses without any explicit content!

Note: Every book in the Happily Ever After All series is a standalone read and can be read in any order, however, the books are numbered chronologically.

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Cece Louise writes clean novels filled with adventure, romance, and spirit for teens and adults.

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Cece is an avid reader who has been making up stories in her head as long as she can remember. Despite all that daydreaming, she graduated summa cum laude with a BBA from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in 2012.

When she's not working on her latest story, Cece spends her time having adventures with her husband and two kids, hiking and biking in her home state of WI, and unfortunately, cleaning her house (which she is convinced is secretly inhabited by mischievous, mess-multiplying pixies).


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