Stand Alone Novel
Book 19
By: Ellie Thornton

Secret Santas and Holiday Dances

Ellie Thornton
 She's his Secret Santa. And he knows it.
 HARVEST RANCH   Book Nineteen

Grace Montgomery has never had a steady home–not with her mom remarrying every few years during her childhood. The closest she’s come to it is summers with her cousins in Harvest Ranch.

At twenty-two, she’s ready to start life fresh in the one place that ever felt like home. And she’ll bring a little joy to the town that brightened her gloomy, childhood existence by being their Secret Santa–her way of giving back and making Harvest Ranch her home.

Everything is working out great, until her mother arrives.

Liam Nicholls can’t stop thinking about the newest resident of Harvest Ranch, Grace. She’s an artist turned marketing expert working at Life on Canvas, the gallery across the street from his law offices. She’s smart, sweet, and always disappearing at the most random times.

Usually when different citizens of the town receive mysterious gifts from a Secret Santa who seems to know exactly what a person needs in the holiday season.

She takes care of everyone, a fact that’s evident when her very young, beautiful, and slightly self-centered mother arrives in town, but never herself. Grace deserves more, better, from herself and the people around her, and Liam’s determined to be the one to show her that–that is if he can get her to start going to the holiday dances with him.

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Ellie Thornton is a best-selling author who has been writing since she could lift a pencil and making up stories even longer than that.

For years she worked part-time jobs so she would always have time to write, read, and travel. Some of her favorite filler jobs included working as an editor, at a nursery (flowers not children,) as a driving instructor (not as harrowing as one might think,) and being a ghost tour guide.

She loves clean romances with clever subplots and romantic comedies that will make you tear up with laughter. This year she's writing in two romantic comedy series and can't wait to share them with you. The first is a Harvest Ranch spin off that she's co-authoring with Lucy McConnell called "Black Ops Tag: Mission Harvest Ranch," and the second is a collaboration with multiple authors called "Diamond Cove Romantic Comedy Series" that features meddling, matchmaking grandparents!

If she’s not at her computer, you can typically find her reading, listening to podcasts, in her garden, in her kitchen, or with her sister and her sister’s kids.


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