Book 3
By: J.L. Youngblood

Shadowed : A Fairy-tale Fantasy Romance

J.L. Youngblood
 Can true love find a way to triumph, or will it get choked in the shadows of lies?
 THE GRIMM LAWS   Book Three

Can true love find a way to triumph, or will it get choked in the shadows of lies?


Griselda’s power is growing stronger, and now she’s out for revenge! She’ll stop at nothing to gain control over the kingdom.

Wisteria and Alexander’s newfound allegiance is put to the test when Griselda unleashes her dreaded shadow crawlers.

Elle and her friends rush to find the final keys before it’s too late.

Elle may have chosen Rush in the modern world, but Prince Edward is not yet ready to relinquish his hold over Cinderella.


Readers who loved The Selection and fans of the hit TV show Once Upon a Time will get swept into an enchanting royal world of breathtaking romance, unyielding loyalty, and a love so strong that it will either bond a kingdom together or bring it to its knees.

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J. L. Youngblood is the pen name for a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary clean romance whose work is infused with suspense. J. L. writes YA Fantasy Romance. From the time she was a little girl, J. L.'s dream was to become an author.

When not writing, J. L. enjoys rollerblading, clogging, jogging, and eating copious amounts of chocolate. There are few ills that can’t be solved with a warm brownie and scoop of vanilla-bean ice cream.

J. L. lives in the Rocky Mountains with her family. Her guilty pleasure is buying outlandish high-heel shoes of all colors. She enjoys taking time to soak in the brilliant sunsets of the West


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