Stand Alone Novel
Book 5
By: Jennifer Monroe

Songs of Yesterday

Jennifer Monroe

Miss Rose Skylark eagerly awaits her debut into society, where she hopes to find a worthy suitor. When her mother informs her that she will be staying with her aunt at Scarlett Hall, Rose is excited to visit the place of which her mother has spoken often.

Holden Bradshaw is horrified to learn that his father has given him an ultimatum – find a bride quickly or the man will secure one for him. To give up his life of hunting and late night parties devastates Holden and he seeks to delay the inevitable. That is until he meets a woman who catches his eye and has him reconsider his father’s request…

Although Rose is first intrigued by Holden, his selfish and arrogant ways emerge, causing her to doubt her feelings for him. Worst of all, he places her in a compromising position, and a fake engagement is her only means of escape.

What began as a ruse becomes real, and Holden seeks to earn Rose’s favor and will do anything to win both her heart and hand.

All the while, a long-buried secret emerges that not only threatens Rose’s position in society, but also cause her to question who she really is.

Songs of Yesterday is the fifth book in the Secrets of Scarlett Hall series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel but is best enjoyed when read within the series. Filled with romance, adventure, and a dash of mystery, this book promises to be a page-turner.

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USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Monroe writes sweet and clean Regency Romance you can’t resist. Her stories are filled with first loves and second chances with dashing dukes and strong heroines. Each turn of the page promises an adventure in love and many late nights of reading. Not sure where to start? Download her free ebook, A Lady’s Promise, from her website and have it delivered to your inbox today!


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