Book 4
By: Madeline Freeman

Storm of Shadows: A Young Adult Urban Fantasy Academy

 The world is unraveling around me, and it’s all my fault.

A single choice during the Bloomington protests set everything into motion. By choosing to protect the demons, I’ve tipped the scale, and my world will never be the same.

Nate’s wedding is two weeks away.

Staying at the chancellor’s mansion gives me access to classified information, but some secrets should stay buried.

Allies come from unexpected places, and enemies abound around every corner. Unrest among ethereals grows every day, but there’s nothing I can do trapped in the chancellor’s home. Even if I could do something, it’s likely my intervention will only make things worse.

How can I continue on my mission when I’m not sure who I am anymore? How can I help anyone when everything I touch turns to ash?

My name is Eden Everdell. Saving my people has always been my mission, but I never expected to be the one who needed to be saved.

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Madeline Freeman lives in the metro-Detroit area with her husband, her daughter and son, and her cats. She loves anything to do with outer space, plate tectonics, and dinosaurs, and secretly hopes her kids will become astronomers or paleontologists. She always wants pizza. Her hobbies include filling notebooks with ideas for future books, pretending to be a unicorn for her daughter to ride, trying to figure out if her husband is joking or being serious, and making her son giggle.


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