Book 4
By: Andrea Kate Pearson

Sword of Oak

 The water is rising. Time is running out.

In the search of the Sacred Oak where Vahly’s magic will rise in full, she and her cohorts—dragons, elves, and of course, her gryphon familiar—must fly over an expanse of sea that was once the Red Meadow.

They cannot stop. There is no refuge in the spelled saltwater and the sea folk lurk just below its foam-tipped waves.

Vahly must hurry.

Once the Sea Queen renews her magic at the Blackwater well in Tidehame, she will strike again and end the land and its creatures for good. There will be no second chances.

But does the Sacred Oak still live or is does it lay in ruin beneath the flood? Every moment Vahly seeks the Oak is a moment she isn’t training with what magic she already possesses, but without her full power, she’ll stand no chance against the Queen of the rising seas.


Grab the final book in this exciting series today! 

Perfect for fans of Christopher Paolini, Sarah J Maas, and Anne McCaffrey!

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Andrea Kate Pearson is an author of clean romance. Her Alpine Hospital Romance series has been praised as being lighthearted and fun while having just enough angst and romance to keep readers glued to the pages. She has loved the medical field her entire life, and only in adulthood did she realize she could delve into that world through her writing.

Andrea and her husband and kids live in a little valley surrounded by rolling hills. If you're interested in a fun and clean romantic read, check out Dr. Andrews and the rest of the Alpine Hospital Romance series.


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