Stand Alone Novel
Book 2
By: Jennifer Monroe

The Baron Time Forgot

Jennifer Monroe
 He awakens to a world he can’t remember. She’s broken from a past he created. Making him fall in love with her is how she will exact her revenge…

After being shunned by society for what her father deems as “unusually large,” Miss Rose Follett fears no gentleman will look her way. That is until a handsome baron whom she secretly loves promises her the romance she desires. Yet as quick as the romance begins, he discards her, crushing her heart forever.
Six years later and writing under the pseudonym Lady Honor, Rose uses her gossip collumn to slowly disparage Lord Westlake. Yet when a tragic accident befalls the roguish baron, Rose sees an even sweeter opportunity to exact her revenge…

Evan, Baron of Westlake, uses not only his title but also his bloodline as a Remington to acquire all his heart desires. God has truly blessed the Remingtons, and Evan uses this privilege—as well as blackmail and deceit—to expand his coffers and lead naive women to his bed. Yet when Lady Honor’s latest column sends him into a drunken rage, Evan wakes up lost in a world he does not remember, nor the beautiful woman who comes to his aide…

Rose’s plan is simple—make the baron fall in love with her so she can crush his heart just as he did hers all those years ago. Yet playing the doting love interest has its challenges. For each sweet kiss and false memory she shares, a battle ensues between the old feelings and her desire for revenge. And Evan, who grows frustrated with his inability to recall anything, struggles to love the only one he trusts—a woman he does not remember.

The Baron Time Forgot is a sweet, stand-alone romance with a closed-door bedroom scene.

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USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Monroe writes sweet and clean Regency Romance you can’t resist. Her stories are filled with first loves and second chances with dashing dukes and strong heroines. Each turn of the page promises an adventure in love and many late nights of reading. Not sure where to start? Download her free ebook, A Lady’s Promise, from her website and have it delivered to your inbox today!


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