Stand Alone Novel
Book 3
By: Teresa McCarthy

The Convenient Bride: A Regency Historical Romance

Teresa McCarthy

When the son of a duke discovers he needs to marry, he sets his sights on bluestocking Miss Briana Garland. But to his shock, the lady denies him! A Regency Historical Romance that includes a marriage of convenience where second chances mean everything. When Lord Clayton Clearbrook sets his sights on bluestocking Miss Briana Garland for a convenient marriage without love, he is stunned when the lady refuses his offer. Hurt, Briana turns her back on the man she has secretly loved most her life. Determined to finish what he started, Clayton plows ahead with his decision to marry the lady. But when an enemy comes calling, Briana and Clayton find their lives turned upside down, and they soon discover that love may indeed be the most important weapon of all…

THE CLEARBROOKS – A sweet historical romance series by award-winning author Teresa McCarthy, where suspenseful, inspirational, and heartwarming love stories about a duke’s family bring the Regency period to life. As the tales unfold, the timeline soon turns to the edge of the Regency period while it prepares for the exciting Victorian Era.
Book 1 – The Rejected Suitor
Book 2 – The Wagered Bride
Book 3 – The Convenient Bride
Book 4 – The Mischievous Bride
Book 5 – The Duke’s Bride

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Award-winning author Teresa McCarthy is known for her tender romances sprinkled with humor.

Her stories include historical romances set in Regency England, as well as sweet contemporary romances.


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