Stand Alone Novel
Book 3
By: Alice Ivinya

The Golden Prince: A Rapunzel Retelling

Alice Ivinya
 A perfect prince. An engagement to save a kingdom. Too bad it’s all a lie.

Prince Thomas has always been the perfect prince, but now that his kingdom is falling to famine, he must prove his worth and restore the blessing of Spring. All he has to do is find a mysterious woman from a painting and marry her. It’s a quest he’s been born for. He has everything: the looks, the talent, the perseverance. No matter what peril she is in, he will find and rescue her. And he’ll do so with style.

If Maisie has learned one lesson in her life, it’s not to trust anybody. Having been hurt countless times, she lets people see her mask and no deeper. Her practice at deception makes her a master thief, but now she is forgetting which parts of her are real. However, one thing is certain: she does not need any prince to rescue her. In fact, she needs nobody at all.

The hounds of Winter are gathering, leaving death in their wake. The famine is spreading. If Prince Thomas doesn’t marry Maisie, the kingdom will fall. But how can he learn to love somebody with a shattered heart?

The Golden Prince, a retelling of Rapunzel, is book 3 of Once Upon A Prince, a multi-author series of clean fairy tale retellings. Each standalone novel features a swoony prince fighting for his happily ever after.

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Alice is a USA Today Bestselling author. She lives in Bristol, UK, and has loved fantasy all her life. Her favourite authors are Brandon Sanderson and Holly Black. When she's not off gallivanting in other worlds, you can find her looking after her young son, working as a small animal vet, hanging out with her church family, or walking the best dog in the world with her husband.


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