Stand Alone Novel
By: Aria Norton

The Merriest Debutante Season

Aria Norton

Harriet Bromley, the daughter of a prosperous merchant, is thrilled when she receives an invitation to spend the Christmas holidays with her cousin Jemma, at her country house in Rushfield Manor. Having grown up only with her brother’s company, the thought of spending time with a girl her own age is simply irresistible. Upon arrival though, she is greeted by a generous-hearted but slightly distant cousin. As fate would have it, while attending a party where she hoped to bond with her cousin, she instead finds herself oddly intrigued by a vexatious Earl.

Will his frustrating gestures eventually subside so that she can see his kind heart?

Clayton Stockton, Earl of Redgate, has to leave London for the countryside, as retreating there seems like the only hope of circumventing a mysterious threat on his life. Despite his reluctance to meet new people, prompted by a friend, he throws an eventful party, where he encounters the stunning Miss Bromley. However, first impressions do not go as planned and he sets his mind on proving his true colours to Harriet. Little did he know that after some long walks together, in the freezing but jolly countryside, he would be the one to discover life’s richest and most magical colours.

Will their connection prove to be something deeper than a few fleeting gazes?

Clayton and Harriet both secretly wish to spend all their time together, but danger is prowling around them. In desperation, Clayton decides to take matters into his own hands, while Harriet is facing perils of her own. These spiraling challenges threaten to turn their magical affection into agony if a miracle doesn’t take place. With Christmas getting closer, can the two finally let their feelings for each other flourish beyond their uncertainty?

“The Merriest Debutante Season” is a historical romance novel of approximately 90,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Aria Norton grew up in Sussex, England. She left abroad for studies but returned after she got married to her husband, and they currently live with their two wonderful children.

She has worked as a History teacher for years, but she always wrote stories whenever she got the chance. Putting her knowledge of history to a creative use was a dream of hers ever since she was a college student. She finally found a way around that plan, when her best friend suggested that she attends a creative writing class, which changed her life forever!

When she’s not teaching and writing, Aria loves watching true crime documentaries with her husband, drinking fine wine with her friends, and reading romance novels!

Aria always enjoys connecting with her readers!


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