Stand Alone Novel
Book 6
By: Kristin J. Dawson

The Poisoned Prince: A Snow White Retelling


Max is training to become the royal huntsman, a respected position his lineage has held for generations. Between his mother’s noble family and his father’s prominent appointment, he has no end of invitations and offers of friendship. But, he much prefers bantering with the intriguing Snow White every morning in the kitchens.

Orphaned Snow is an unremarkable palace servant of questionable origins. With the ability to sense moods at a single glance, Snow won’t risk feeling Max’s emotions and ruining their unlikely friendship. Besides, as soon as she scrapes together enough coin, she must journey to find out what happened to her mother.

When the king winds up dead, the best friends are thrown apart. Between Snow’s bloodline and her fae-gifted ability, she tip-toes on a blade’s edge. The kingdom devolves into chaos under the queen’s rule—and Snow is a threat to be eliminated.

The longer Max juggles the plotting traitors, lies, and unstable queen, the more he realizes he must choose between his family and Snow, the woman he’s grown to love. And it’s painfully clear that he can’t save both.

The key to saving the kingdom may lie in Snow’s unraveling of her past, but her heart lies in the hands of the queen’s huntsman.

The Poisoned Prince is a best friends to forbidden romance retelling of Snow White and is book 6 of Once Upon A Prince, a multi-author series of clean fairy tale retellings. Each standalone story features a swoony prince fighting for his happily ever after.

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Kristin J. Dawson is a non-recovering chocolate and romantic English movie addict who loves to read fantasy and science fiction. You can find her most often indulging in her favorite things at 2 am–night owls unite! Kristin writes high fantasy with political intrigue, a bit of romance, and of course, magic. She was a 2019 UTOPiAcon Debut Book Award Nominee and Swooney Award Nominee. When she’s not writing, taking her kids on mountain adventures, or cleaning out the chicken coop, she's probably trying to talk her author friends into more shenanigans.


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