Stand Alone Novel
By: Elizabeth W. Watkins

The Reluctant Baronet

When faced with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Scottish chemist Russell Parkinson finds himself thrust into a role he has never wanted: that of British aristocrat. Bearing his new title of baronet, Sir Russell circulates among the ton for the sole purpose of improving Society and saving lives. His plan is moving forward—but he did not anticipate meeting the charming Selina Clifton.

Selina is a survivor. She battled smallpox and won, her scarred beauty a testament to her strength. But she has no idea how she will survive what is now required of her. With her family’s estate in jeopardy, it is up to Selina to marry and produce an heir. She agrees to enter into a courtship with a gentleman deemed eligible but is less than smitten with him. When handsome new baronet Russell arrives in London, she is immediately swept up in their easy camaraderie. But as their feelings deepen, the complicated tangle of forbidden love that ensues will threaten friendships and futures—everything they’ve fought to protect.

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