Stand Alone Novel
Book 5
By: Leah Conolly

The Secrets of a Lady’s Past: A Clean & Sweet Regency Historical Romance

Leah Conolly
 Unraveling the mystery of their past will bring them together until there is nothing that can keep them apart…

Emily Miller has no choice but to abandon the quiet life she lived after the scandal that ruined her reputation and seeks a way to provide for herself as a governess.

After one too many rejections, she finally gets the position in a Duke’s household, hoping that she can put her past behind her. Except, the past always finds a way to catch up when it’s least expected…

Roger Sinclair, the widowed Duke of Walford, needs a woman to prepare his eldest daughter to enter society, but since he is not ready to marry again, a governess will do.

Roger and his children accept Emily wholeheartedly, closing her wound of being cast out of society. Emily in turn will prove much more than just a governess for the family, helping them all overcome their grief and solve the mystery of the late Duchess’ death.

But as the love between Emily and Roger becomes obvious for anyone to see, will Emily manage to hold her own once her secrets start being used against her as a weapon by those who wish to leave the past undisturbed…?

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Leah, or Leou as her friends call her is a South Dakota native. She describes herself as an affordable psychiatrist since she started reading books out of curiosity for the deeper exploration of the subconscious. She later studied psychology and criminology in NY, but she returned to her hometown when the family business was at risk of closing.

Ten years later, she writes books to capture the feelings of every major life event she encountered so far. Thankfully, her romantic nature considers everything to be important resulting in immense writing activity! In her spare time, she provides online counseling for free to women in need.

She considers her marriage to be a great adventure and as her husband recalls “every time we argue she comes back later with a new book based on our disagreements set in a different century!”


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