Book 2
By: Jacque Stevens

Wishes by Starlight

Jacque Stevens

I, Elya Pavlovna, went to the prince’s Maslenitsa celebration, and I’m still not sure who I am or what will happen next.

After running from a fairy and a prince, Elya is on her own for the first time. The unknown wilds are dark and dangerous, but she knows that if she is found she could be used to destroy everything she has come to love.

But with her sisters asking for her help and her beloved prince in distress, hiding might no longer be an option.

The slipper fits, now will she wear it?

Wishes by Starlight is the sequel to Letters by Cinderlight, a thrilling YA historical romance series. If you like untrustworthy fae, charming heroes, and fresh takes on familiar stories, then you’ll love this dark retelling of Cinderella, based in Slavic mythology.

This lightning-fast read includes illustrations from Kaelin Twede.

What are HighTower Fairytales?

HighTower Fairytales lean more toward the original sources (NOT Disney) with rich semi-historical settings. They have magic. They have scary monsters. And, most importantly, they have unique and complex characters who are trying hard to improve themselves.

They also include plenty of humor and all the heroes marry their prince/princess charming and live happily ever after at the end!

Basically, these stories meant to inspire, but have a very difficult and occasionally dark tower to climb. They are conservatively marked at 14+ and are appropriate for teens and young adults.

Currently these stories include:

Winter Falls: A Tale of the Snow Queen (2017)
Cry Wolf: A Tale of Beauty and the Beast (2020)
Depths: A Tale of the Little Mermaid (2020)
Letters by Cinderlight: A Tale of Cinderella (2021)
Robin’s Hood: A Tale of Sherwood Forest (2021)

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Jacque Stevens wrote her first novel as a stress relief activity during nursing school. Now, as a USA-Today Bestselling Author, she has taken a step back from nursing so she can spend all her time writing stories filled with elves, fairies, and all things awesome. She also is a freelance editor.

Jacque lives in Arizona where she can be found walking the streets with a dark and handsome young man who loves everything about her. He’s a shiba inu mix.

New friends, enemies, and wandering visitors from cyberspace can contact Jacque here: or sjacquebooks(at)


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