No Blush Novels

Decorous romance,
where heroines blush but readers don’t.

This site started with a frustrated reader trying to find romance novels without foul language or detailed intimacy. She scoured the reviews on Amazon, she flipped through novels at the library, she searched book blogs. If only there were some resource, some database, some website she could visit to find modest romance. What a time saver that would be!
This is THAT site, or at least her attempt to create it. We openly acknowledge that everyone’s definition of “clean” is different, and even that term is hotly contested. We don’t intend to join the debate, just define it as far as is necessary for this site.
NBN unapologetically offers a narrow slice of romance so that fans of “proper” romance can find a love story that falls into their comfort zone. In the movie world, these books would land somewhere in the G and PG categories. This means there are many great books and worthy literature that you won’t find listed in our database. That’s not to say they aren’t fantastic reads, but they simply don’t fit into the parameters drawn by this site.
Think of this as a specialty shop, not a full cosmetic store. We only offer blush. No mascara. No lipstick. No foundation. If you’re looking for eyeshadow, we won’t have it. But there are lots of great retailers that do and we hope you find your flawless brand. For those looking for their ideal shade of rouge, check us out.

What Do We Offer?

  • Books with what some might call “old-fashioned” values
  • Books without on-page intimacy
  • Male-female romance
  • Profanity free books
We created a rating system to help you find the perfect shade of pink. Do you like a quick, sweet kiss or an extended one? Do you want your heroine to acknowledge the attraction between her and the hero or keep her thoughts private? Is your hero limited to hand-holding or can he enjoy a fervent embrace? Our blush levels make it explicitly clear what you can expect in a book before you start reading.

Find your shade of blush, and let your characters wear it.

If you’re looking for a slow burn, a proper courtship, or just a playful romp, you’ve come to the right place. There are an abundance of romance novels available and we want to help you find your next great read, so start browsing!

P.S. We’re always interested in adding books to our library. Please share suggestions with us.