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Our goal is to create a library of books for readers that love romance, but not profanity or sex scenes. If you cater to sensitive readers and feel that your book is a good fit for NBN, we’d love to promote you.

Check out NBN’s Guidelines   For a more detailed list, create an account and go to “Manage Books”…. “Add new book”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to list my book on NBN?

  • No. Your account is free and you may list as many books as you want for no cost.

What if my book is already listed on this site?

  • Congratulations! You made the cut. Our vetting team found your book and determined that it met the criteria for our site. If you want to manage your own books, contact us and we will transfer the account to you.

What if my book is on your site but I don’t want it there?

  • Contact us us and we will remove it immediately.

What if I want to advertise on NBN?

  • We have very competitive prices for advertising. We offer website ads and newsletter ads. Please contact us for rates.

Does NBN have a place for me to advertise my website?

  • Yes! We want to help you promote your books in any way we can. Your author page has the option to add a link to your website.