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The Untechnical But Still Applicable Version Of Our Useragreement


If you use this site, you agree to our Agreement in its entirety. No Blush Novels put time and money into this site so we request that you don’t steal or misuse it. Or encourage your next-door neighbor’s boyfriend to do it for you. That’s illegal too. But do please share it with all your friends. We want everyone to benefit from it.

Our purpose is to match readers with authors, and vice versa, but we can’t guarantee any specific result. Neither do we guarantee that there will be no technical or user errors. This is a free service, provided at our expense, so we do our best but do not guarantee perfection.

Books go through a detailed checklist before they are rated and approved for our site. Authors who ignore these guidelines and misrepresent their books, will be blocked from future access.

If you choose to give us your email, we only use it to keep you informed of NBN promotions, send book recommendations, and introduce new authors/content. We also use it to link you to your wishlist and reviews. We DO NOT sell it or share it with other services, because we hate that too. Be aware, this is a WordPress site, but we use their security features and the security features of our hosting provider to make it as secure as we can.

NBN renounces liability for your hair loss, financial setbacks, or relationship disasters. because we do not guarantee anything. We do not promise that the NBN Team, Community or Blush Ratings are perfect, or that all users will perceive content in a book in the same way as you, or that you’ll get a certain number of downloads, or that we’ll have as many deals as you’d like, or that you’ll like the comments posted by users, etc.

You can use the NBN Blush Icons or Labels on your books or website, as long as you first submit the book you want to use it on to us. We’re happy to get recognition on your site, but we want you on ours too. If you’re a reviewer, you’re welcome to use our rating system  and icons on your websiteIf or blog, as long as you link to us and give us credit for our system.

If you’re under 14, you must ask a parent if you can subscribe to our services. 

Welcome to No Blush Novels!