Book One
Book 1
By: A.E. Walnofer

A Girl Called Foote: A Whitehall Romance

A.E. Walnofer
 #1 Best Seller on Amazon in British Historical Literature

In this sweet, yet forbidden romance, a mischievous heir is suddenly smitten. His beloved is clever and pretty. But alas…she is also his maid!

Young Jonathan Clyde causes mischief for everyone at Whitehall, the stately home of his privileged ancestors. As he matures, however, he comes to despise the vanity and conceit surrounding him.

Misfortune requires Lydia Smythe, an exceptionally clever farmer’s daughter, to seek employment at Whitehall. As a parlor maid, she feels stifled and harried by those over her. Still, she refuses to relinquish her independent mind and spirit.

From the moment Jonathan catches Lydia reading the books she is supposed to be dusting, he is intrigued by this unusual servant. Thus begins a clandestine relationship that is simultaneously amusing, confusing and enlightening. Just as it is evolving into something neither of them expected, an unforeseen truth comes to light, and the two wonder if their unconventional bond will be forever lost.

Set in England in the mid-eighteen hundreds, A Girl Called Foote is the love story of two similarly impressive people leading very different lives.

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When A.E. Walnofer (otherwise known as Aimee) isn't leading her patients through their physical therapy treatments, she's likely planning her next hiking adventure, googling on her phone how to fix the computer keyboard since one of her cats walked across it (again), or tapping away furiously on said-keyboard, birthing another historical novel. From a very young age, Aimee was fascinated by history, particularly British history, and story-telling. In fact, her mother has a cassette tape recording of Aimee reciting a complete story she came up with at the age of three. (However, it hasn't been heard in years as no one in her family has a cassette tape player.) Aimee lives with her husband, and their two cats in Southern California, but dreams of someday moving to the Pacific Northwest where the hillsides and mountains are green all year long.


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