Book 6
By: JaNae Griffin

A Royal Redemption

JaNae Griffin

Henrik can never turn down a dare, so, when he’s on vacation with his friends, celebrating their graduation, Carl, his best friend, challenges him to marry his girlfriend, Kenzie. At the same time, Carl marries his fiancée, Shawna. The heat is on and so are the consequences. If he says no, he risks losing the woman he loves. If he says yes, Kenzie will unwittingly marry a prince.

Kenzie can only hope her dreams of someday marrying Henrik come true, but what she gets in return is more than her heart and mind can endure. Kenzie always worried she might get left at the alter on her wedding day. She never anticipated she would wake up alone, abandoned, the morning after, until it became her reality.

Devastated by life-changing consequences, Kenzie is left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and destroyed dreams, needing the help of her family to manage the next step of her life.

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When she’s not taking care of her family and writing, JaNae enjoys cooking, entertaining friends and family, climbing the 2,744 steps up the Incline several times a year, hiking, camping, walking, and jogging—basically anything outdoors. But nothing is better than the time spent with her husband and their children.


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