Stand Alone Novel
Book 5
By: Taylor Hart

Always Kiss Your Betting Man: Sweet, Christian Romance

Taylor Hart
 When two brother’s make a bet on a woman, the best thing that can come out of it—is a slap in the face!

(Previously published as The Bet: Sweet, Christian)

When Destiny Morningstar gets blackmailed into spending her spring break in Snow Valley, the last thing she’s looking for is a date, especially not with Adam and Chase Moon—two attractive and athletic brothers. But soon she finds herself tangled up in a dating spree that includes a flag football game, swinging around the barn dance, and hiking to Snow Valley’s romantic hot springs with the town’s most eligible bachelors. At every turn she’s within kissing distance of one of the delectable Moon men.

As she discovers she’s been part of some bet fueled by sibling rivalry and overactive egos she has to make a decision—forgive them both or miss out on the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

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Taylor Hart writes inspirational and Christian romance and is a best-selling author of over seventy books with fans in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and all over the world.

A note from the author:

Thanks for visiting my amazon page.

I wanted to tell something meaningful about myself, but let's start with the important stuff--I love swoon-worthy heroes. The kind of heroes that are strong and would take a bullet for you, but also want to open your door and listen to you pour out your heart.

What else? I grew up moving. If you’ve read my books, you won’t be surprised by this. I have a lot of moving themes through my books centered around characters experiencing pain from someone moving.

It was hard. But, I believe there’s always a seed of good that comes out of everything hard, so I think the best thing that came from it was that I learned to love books.

And I had to learn a lot of mad skills on friend making. It gave me a love of people…good people, compassionate people. Interesting people of all kinds.

What else about me? I am a mother and wife! I have four amazing boys that are like little ninjas running around. I love them so much and I’m so grateful for my amazing husband who doesn’t get intimidated by all the billionaire men in my life.

I have a fierce love of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for Him and for the healing and forgiveness I’ve gotten to experience in my life. This is a theme in many of my books.

I love being an American. I am so proud of the men and women that support and preserve our freedom. This is another theme you will find in my books.

I am so grateful for my fans and for the support and love you all show me! Don’t stop reading!


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