Stand Alone Novel
Book 5
By: Holly Stevenson

Back to You: Small Town Second Chance Romance

Holly Stevenson
 He lost her once ... he's not about to let that happen again.

Jade Foster is returning to her hometown of Pine Ridge, Colorado, so she can cheer on her younger brother in his first Motocross race. What she doesn’t bargain for is running into her high school sweetheart, Connor McGrath. Life drove them apart five years ago, and Jade’s heart has never fully recovered.

For two-time Supercross champion, Connor McGrath, racing is life. He’s thrilled for a chance to cheer Jade’s brother on in his first race—but his real motivation is to see Jade. Memories of her have haunted him over the years. He’s convinced that if he can just see her again, he can put those feelings to rest. But he couldn’t be more wrong.

Chemistry ignites the moment Jade and Connor reconnect, stirring up emotions from the relationship they once shared. But now that they have successful careers on opposite sides of the country, things are even more complicated. Will love be enough to bring them together, or will their relationship be left to rest like so much dust on an empty track? In a small town like Pine Ridge, anything is possible.

Each book in the Pine Ridge series can be read alone or as part of the series. Enjoy this sweet, Hallmark-style romance with a guaranteed happily ever after!

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Holly Stevenson loves to read, eat out, watch movies, and spend time with family and friends. As a former flight attendant, she has plenty of traveling hours under her belt, but never tires of exploring new places. Holly has a weakness for any combination of chocolate and caramel. She rarely sleeps in, preferring the early morning quiet to accommodate her incurable writing addiction. She is blessed to live with her favorite people: her husband and four kids, in a house overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountains.


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