Stand Alone Novel
Book 4
By: Brenda Clemmons

Brie’s Billionaire Cowboys Salvation: Christmas Brides for Billionaire Brothers

Brenda Clemmons
 Powerfully tested!.

Isaac Harkrider’s passion in life is helping troubled teenagers get back on the right path. Fortunately, God has blessed Isaac and his family with the resources so Isaac can help run the family lodge and ranch while also following his own interests.

When beautiful Brie Donovan seeks Isaac out just before Christmas, desperate to help her younger sister, Riley, Isaac is ready to take on the challenge. Brie and Isaac feel an immediate attraction toward one another, but that threatens to derail when it turns out Riley is involved in far more dangerous things than originally suspected.

As they struggle to get Riley out of the hole she dug for herself, Isaac and Brie’s faith—and their brand-new relationship—is powerfully tested.

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On a college road trip down the “Mother Road,” Route 66, Brenda Clemmons fell in love with the beauty of the southwest and promised herself that one day she’d return. After graduating with a history degree, Brenda fulfilled that promise and moved to Arizona, where she met her future husband, who was teaching literature in the classroom several doors down from her own social studies class. Today, she, her husband, and their two kids love to explore the Southwest’s beautiful mountains and deserts every chance they get. Brenda’s habit of pulling over at every historical marker eventually led to her husband suggesting that she combine her love of romance novels with her in-depth historical knowledge. She put pen to paper and has been writing ever since, filling her stories with the landscapes, legends, and unique local characters that she wants everyone else to share in!


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