Stand Alone Novel
Book 6
By: Lacy Andersen

Dare You to Catfish the Hockey Player

Lacy Andersen
 A little dare never hurt anybody...

I’ve never been one of those girly girls. I prefer sneakers to heels and covering up my curls with a beanie hat. But there’s one thing I do own and it’s my gaming skills. In the history of Rock Valley High, no girl has ever won the online gaming tournament.

But I’m going to make history this year.

Only two guys stand in my way: the Corrigan brothers.

Gabriel Corrigan and his twin, Michael, aren’t just huge hockey stars. They’re gamers, too. If they had it their way, a girl like me would never touch a controller again.

But sometimes, a girl’s gotta game.

What they don’t know is that I’ve been fooling Gabriel with my fake online profile for months and now we’re partners for the tournament. He won’t know he’s been catfished until the final round – when it’s every man (and woman) for themselves.

Sweet justice.

But the more time I spend offline with Gabriel, the more I realize I might have been wrong.

The way he looks at me. The way he talks when his brother isn’t around. None of it makes sense, especially how being near him makes me feel all kinds of delicious things.

Now my heart is starting to wonder if the gaming tournament might not be the only prize worth winning…

This is Beth’s story – the final sweet young adult romance in the Rock Valley High series of stand-alone novels.

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Author Lacy Andersen isn’t a billionaire in disguise, an ancient vampire in line for the crown, or a rock star looking for love - but she does love to write about them. A graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with an MFA in writing, she currently lives in South Dakota in the US with her loving husband, two precious kids, and two furry pups. Supplying happily-ever-afters is her passion.


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