Stand Alone Novel
By: Izi Miller


Izi Miller
 In this Snow White retelling, the "Evil Queen" takes center stage.

As the illegitimate daughter of the Southern King, sixteen-year-old Princess Ebony can never inherit her father’s throne. In a world of brown-eyed people, her green eyes show her true heritage – the daughter of an evil enchantress from the Other kingdom. It doesn’t matter that Ebony refuses to embrace the tainted magic in her blood. Only Prince Onyx of the Western Kingdom seems able to look past her strange eyes and see who she really is.

But when Onyx’s heart is captured by the lovely Northern Princess, Ebony will go to any lengths to get him back. Even if it means turning to magic and risking becoming the very thing she hates.

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Izi Miller is the best selling author of the clean romantic Sweet Suspense series. Her novels include My Very Own Hitman and How to Save a Billionaire. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in library and information science from Valdosta State University. She quit her library job to write full-time (and play with her cats) and is loving every minute of it! For fun, she likes to listen to audio books, decorate gluten-free cakes, and watch k-dramas.


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