Book 2
By: Clover Clements

Legend Says, We Make Up: A Sweet YA Romance

Clover Clements

Graveyard chases.
Dares in the dark.
And legends that involve making up with—and kissing— the only guy I’ve ever loathed.

Whistle Pine Falls has its pros and cons.

The trick is figuring out which is which.


As if Lucas Lamont couldn’t get any more infuriating, he’s now pulling pranks on me. And it’s irritating how fun retaliating turns out to be.

Lucas’s new attention to me doesn’t fit the adventurous junior year I’m supposed to be having. Chasing me down the halls and throughout town, laughing, is not how we are supposed to behave. I should not be thinking about how to prank him back, and I am not supposed to feel a zing of adrenaline every time he turns those green eyes on me—no, I will not shiver just thinking about it. That’s the cooling temperatures in the Falls talking.

I have my reasons for loathing the jerk. Good reasons. Great reasons, even. But those eyes with that new heated look are making it tricky to remember what those great reasons are.


As if Ivy Russo, the one girl who hates me, couldn’t get any prettier, she went and dyed her hair pink. And it’s irritating how the color drives me crazy.

If I can just get Ivy to see me differently, I’ll feel a lot better, but it’s my last year to try.

Friends. That’s all I want. Just to be on Ivy’s good side. Her loyal side.

But chasing her feels like the greatest race I’ve ever run, and the prize at the end has never looked so . . . pink.

I have my reasons for wanting to be friends with her. Good reasons. Great reasons, even. But her grey eyes and laughter are making it tricky to remember what those great reasons are and why I would want to stop at just friends.

Then there’s that legend I heard. One hinting that there’s something Ivy is hiding. Something about me.

Welcome back to Whistle Pine Falls! Come meet the palm reader who can’t predict a thing, get heckled by a tour guide, learn a new town phrase, and see if Ivy and Lucas will be able to change their perspectives!

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Clover discovered her love of stories with horror novels.

She and her family moved when she was twelve, and as the new girl in town with no friends, moving within walking distance of the city library was no accident. That’s how monsters and books snuck into her life. The monsters got old, but the books never left.

While she found companionship and escape with the gruesome at first—thank you, Christopher Pike—she found a home and kindred spirits within the pages of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. Jo March was it for her. Since then, she’s wanted ink stains on her fingers from writing, just like Jo. She laments that computers are so tidy!

She now lives in Utah with her husband, their five children and dog, her plants, and her personal library.

Family, oxygen, and books.

That’s really all you need!


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