Stand Alone Novel
By: Ellen Knightley

Soulmates Marked by Love: A Historical Western Romance

Ellen Knightley

Lindsey Smith has always hidden a part of herself, a birthmark on her cheek that she has had since birth. When her parents find a man who doesn’t seem to mind the birthmark and wants to marry her, Lindsey thinks it might be her only chance at love. However, the more she gets to know Ben Blackwell, the less she wants to marry him. Therefore, in an attempt to avoid a life of misery, she decides to flee west in search of a better life.

Will she finally find what her heart craves?

Having loved and lost, Ted Sanders, a young, grieving widower has vowed to seal his heart and never love again. When the mysterious Lindsey shows up along with his friend’s mail-order bride, he intends to keep his distance in order to protect his wounded heart. That becomes harder and harder, though, as he keeps running into her. Little does he know, the sudden turn his life is about to take…

With the kind-hearted Lindsey around, how could he possibly avoid falling in love again?

Despite starting out timidly, Lindsey and Ted’s growing affection proves to be stronger than they could ever have imagined. Yet, Lindsey’s betrothed can not take no for an answer and puts everyone in danger. Will Ted and Lindsey find a way to overcome the challenges in their way? Or will their dream of a happy ending slip through their fingers?


“Soulmates Marked by Love” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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