Stand Alone Novel
By: Lani Woodland


Lani Woodland
 It's been said, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. In the aftermath of an alien invasion, the old saying became literal.

When the alien Orions attacked Earth, humanity had a choice: adapt or die. The result was a genetic division within the human race. Valudis are strong warriors, protectors who gain strength from injury, while for the weaker Debilii, the smallest hurt can be fatal. Brainwashed by the Orions, most Vals and Debs adore their alien overlords, but a small group of rebels struggle for freedom. Alongside the resisting Vals fights one lone Deb.

Trained as a rebel and a spy from childhood, Lexie Hake is a Deb who refuses to accept limitations. Her work has been key to the resistance, but when she inadvertently alters her genetics, she also draws the attention of the Orions. With the rebellion at risk, and the Orions closing in, Lexie must step out of the shadows and into a world of chaos and pain. She’s spent her whole life training for this, but training only gets a girl so far. Because if Lexie fails, humanity falls with her.

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I've been an avid reader since elementary school . In sixth grade I began writing stories and recruiting (with force when necessary) my friends to act them out. I've always loved scary stories, and have a hard time enjoying any book without at least a little romance in it. I live in Southern California with my husband, our two children and a large collection of board games. I have worked as a spot-welder, babysitter, janitor, photographer, gymnastics coach, and movie extra. I enjoy bonfires at the beach, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, speed talking, chocolate as a cure-all, and the word "precisely".


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