Stand Alone Novel
Book 2
By: DM Coffman

The Hainan Conflict

DM Coffman
 Peaceful island vacation? Not when the island holds secrets of an evil organization.
 THE NET   Book Two

2021 Next Generation INDIE Book Awards Thriller Finalist

The Hainan Conflict is a fast-paced action adventure thriller with a hint of romance and Chinese culture set on an exotic island in the South China Sea.

The evil Net acquires biochemical weapons from a Russian virologist, and tension mounts as an airline hijacking kills American embassy workers. When an exiled tribal leader produces a letter with a weblike symbol identifying terrorists on the island, and a sophisticated computer system with the same symbol is found in the primitive tribal village, Yi (a US lawyer on a mission to ferret out corrupt Chinese officials) sets out to verify the truthfulness of the letter.

Aided by Sarah (a Tibetan judge who has captured Yi’s heart), what they find in the island’s hidden cave will take a stealth military coup with Navy SEALs to stop. Plans include a (factually based) mid-air collision between a US spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet. But plans go awry and diplomatic tensions escalate. A hateful vendetta between Yi and the Net’s Foreigner solidifies, and romantic suspense heightens as Sarah discovers Yi is not who he says he is.

Readers of suspense who like international intrigue, political tension, a hint of romance, and a few historical facts interwoven into a clean/flinch-free thriller will enjoy this second book in The Net thriller series. This book can stand alone.

“The Hainan Conflict by D.M Coffman is a captivating political thriller with incredible and fascinating adventures combined with fast-paced action and traces of romance . . . that fans of a Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum will heartily enjoy.” — Literary Titan

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DM Coffman specializes in clean suspense thrillers (no offensive language, graphic sex or extreme violence). Strange experiences while living in China inspired DM's The Net thriller series, and many unusual truths are interwoven into her stories of espionage and international intrigue. DM and her husband lived in the People's Republic of China for four years, teaching China's judges in the World Trade Organization's Judicial Training Program, and students at the prestigious Peking University with Brigham Young University's China Teachers Program. Prior to China, they worked in Washington, DC. They now enjoy retired life in the Utah Rocky Mountains with family, two rescued dogs, and an old unamiable tabby named Ebeneezer.

The award-winning Net thriller series includes The Net Conspiracy, The Hainan Conflict, The Panama Contagion, and (coming soon) The Harbin Connection. DM also wrote The Hainan Incident (an LDS version of books 1 and 2 in The Net series) published by Covenant Communications, Inc., which was nominated for a Whitney Award.


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