Stand Alone Novel
By: Elaine Shields

Trusting The Christmas Spirit: A Historical Western Romance

Elaine Shields

Cassidy’s family is looking forward to the first good Christmas they’ve had in a while, but when her father has an unexpected accident, she finds herself in desperate need of a job. Fate intervenes when she is hired as a housekeeper for the man who also hired her brother. She enjoys the job, but her boss, Andy, is a mysterious, yet handsome, man with a grudge against Christmas…

Is Cassidy going to unlock his heart and figure out why Andy is so afraid of Christmas?

Andy hasn’t celebrated Christmas since the fateful night that changed his life forever. When Cassidy comes to work on his ranch though, she brings with her a newfound joy that warms his heart. Despite his reluctance to embrace both the holiday and a romantic prospect, Andy finds himself mesmerized by Cassidy’s undeniable festive spirit. Yet, he must confront his past and decide if he can allow himself to finally find peace and happiness…

Will he be able to leave the ghosts that haunt him behind and follow the light of true love?

When someone from Andy’s past threatens to destroy his future with Cassidy, they must learn to trust each other and fight to save their relationship. Will they be overpowered by the odds and obstacles that are against them? Or will they be able to defeat the surrounding threats and discover that the true magic of Christmas lies in their hearts?

“Trusting The Christmas Spirit” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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