Kortney Keisel 

He’s wearing black briefs that accentuate his rock solid derriere. Although, rock isn’t the most solid thing on earth. Diamonds are. So his diamond-solid butt, which according to a jewelry store, will last forever. What am I even saying right now?

LOL! This book is a mashup of two movies: Dashing Through the Snow (Hallmark) and Knight and Day (Tom Cruise). I don’t laugh aloud when reading often, but this author cracked me up! This was the first contemporary book I read by her, and as far as the writing goes, I don’t have any complaints. I do have a bit of an issue with the plot though, but I’ll get to that later.

The first bout of hilarity plays out in a dressing room. Oh my! This is a scene not to be forgotten. (ROLF) A short time later our MC is on the escalator and for questionable reasons, can be found kissing the same hot guy from the dressing room. Why not? I’m in.

Soooo…. Lacee needs to get home for Christmas and her only ride might be the guy she kissed on the escalator. Assuming he’s not a serial killer, it should be fine.

Actually, Park Bradshaw is a CIA operative and Lacee has something he needs. The hard part is not mixing business with pleasure. Because she’s kinda irresistible.

Like the filtered version of Knight and Day, this book doesn’t pepper you with profanity or splash blood all over the page. However, be warned, there is still a fair amount of “casual” violence. No one is terribly upset to see someone brutalized, including Lacee. For me, the indifference seemed unrealistic.

However, because I love Knight and Day, I was hanging in there pretty well until the book’s major plot twist about two-thirds through. I can’t say anything to give it away, but I will say while it explained the indifference to violence, it didn’t work for me. The main reason it didn’t work is that I’ve been in both characters’ heads the whole time. There’s no way that one of these characters wouldn’t have thoughts that would at least strongly hint at what’s really going on. That’s when the story lost credibility with me.

Do I recommend this book? Maybe. If you don’t read the first two-thirds you’re really missing out on some good laughs and spicy kisses. But, if unbelievable plot twists and nonchalant violence disturb you, you might want to pass and try a different book by this author. (You probably want to skip Knight and Day as well.)

I’m down to read other rom-coms by Keisel because she’s really talented. There was nothing wrong with the humor, the spice, the character arcs, the writing, or the pacing. All of that was spot-on. One plot faux pas isn’t going to scare me away.

Go check out this book if you love Knight and Day and think I might have over-thought the plot twist. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you don’t want to take a chance on this one, but are willing to take my word that this is a great author, you’re in luck. There are seven books in the Christmas Escape series to choose from. I dare you to try one!

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